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Alfred Research Alliance Animal Ethics Committees 

All proposed animal use, whether for research or teaching, must be approved by a properly constituted Animal Ethics Committee before commencement.

The Alfred Research Alliance Animal Ethics Committees (AECs) review applications to use animals for scientific purposes from investigators from the Alfred Research Alliance licence holders (Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Monash University Central Clinical School, Burnet Institute and Alfred Health. The Alfred Research Alliance AECs report to the institutions via the Governance and Policy (GAP) Committee.

The AECs ensure that the care and use of animals at the campus complies with the Victorian Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 and the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 2013. The Code of Practice encompasses all aspects of the care and use of animals for scientific purposes, and provides guidelines for the humane conduct of scientific activities.

Code of Conduct
All experimental procedures involving animals must be conducted in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Scientific Procedures using Animals under Alfred Research Alliance licences

The Procedures for Responding to Non-Compliance with the Australian Code, Legislation or Animal Ethics Committee Decisions (PDF) document provides a framework for the Animal Ethics Committees to investigate alleged non-compliance and to act on the findings of the investigation based on the degree of non-compliance identified in accordance with the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes.

To lodge a non-compliance email: 

Any person with a concern regarding the use of animals on this campus should refer to the Procedures for Complaints, Concerns and Grievances Regarding the Use of Animals (PDF) document which outlines the procedures to address the following:

1. Concerns or complaints regarding the use of animals
2. Disputes regarding decisions of the Animal Ethics Committee
3. Disagreements between Animal Ethics Committee members
4. Disagreements between the Animal Ethics Committee and the institution/s 

 To lodge a complaint/concern/grievance email:

Minor amendments that can be considered by an AEC Executive (New!)

This policy provides guidance on the type of activity that would be a minor amendment. A minor amendment may include a change to an approved project or activity where the proposed change is not likely to cause harm to the animals, including pain and distress. A copy of the document and further information can be found in the "Modifcations" tab in the left menu bar. 

Minor amendments that qualify for AEC Executive review by ARA AECs, excluding strictly editorial changes (which can be approved by the Chair or AEC Executive Officer), include:
i. Addition to an application, or reassignment within an application, of personnel who have ARA AEC approval on an existing project to undertake their proposed (new) responsibilities on other active projects.
ii. Addition of personnel who have been deemed competent to undertake their proposed responsibilities by the veterinarian or PAC management.
iii. Addition of inexperienced personnel provided the trainers meet i or ii above and the proposed training program (if appropriate) is described in the application for a minor amendment.
iv. Extension of the approval period for up to 6 months to enable investigators time for submission and approval by the AEC of a new application
v. Removal of a strain
vi. Changes to monitoring in keeping with the requirement of the Australian Code, clause 2.2.23(ii)
vii. Changes to scientific endpoints, dosing regimens for drugs, sample collection times, needle sizes or routes of administration etc. (in keeping with the requirement of the Australian Code, clause 2.2.23(ii)), only when the minor amendment will decrease or leave unchanged the cumulative impact to the animals’ wellbeing relative to the conditions of original approval.

When in doubt email the office for clarification: 

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